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NonAss is intended to help you not feel like ass the day after drinking alcohol. 

Take one serving, with water, before your first drink. For added support, also take one serving after your last drink!

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NonAss Liquid - Product Photo.png
Vintage Blue Woman Beer Transparent.png

"I'm having so much fun drinking

this alcohol with you baby!"

"Yeah! This is a blast! I just

hope we don't feel like ass tomorrow!"

"Don't worry baby, I packed some

nonass in my purse!"

If you're tying one on...

take NonAss along!

NonAss - Circle Logo.png

above: example of a woman who enjoys drinking beer but does not enjoy feeling like ass...

NonAss is conveniently sized to fit inside
a standard purse or even a pocket! 

May Support: 

Reduced Misery The Day After Drinking Booze

NonAss does not prevent alcohol intoxication. Please Drink Responsibly.

Allied Forces are potent combinations of the world’s best functional mushrooms, and other natural ingredients. Like a good team, synergistic components ally to produce results greater than the sum of parts included.

Laserbrain Gradient Too.png
Astronaut Woman with NonAss Patch.png
Lazy Ass Astronaut-1.png
Lightspeed Laserbrain Lettering Logo.png

classified: single astronaut male seeks

attractive female astronaut for zero gravity fun. Not looking for anything serious right now. 

let's meet for a lightspeed laserbrain and see where things go from there....

Lightspeed Laserbrain is intended to support focus, well-being and sustained cognitive function. If mushroom coffee is hot, Lightspeed Laserbrain is an inferno! Beyond powerful functional mushrooms, this blend incorporates Siberian shilajit, guarana & 5-HTP to maximize potential! Consumers  have reported increased focus after their first serving, but to maximize benefits, consistent use over the period of 1 week to 10 days is advised.

coffee + mushrooms + shilajit

Laserbrain - Astronomical Focus.png
Lightspeed Laserbrain Coffee Product Photo.png
Lightspeed 50c Single.png

May Support: Improved Focus
Performance & Wellbeing

We all seek to improve ourselves: to live better and to be better people. We seek peak performance and a life in alignment with our values, still none of us are perfect. We could all use a little help!

Roller Skate Faded.png

Boom Chaga Laka Laka is intended to support mood, wellbeing and productivity. Beyond the incredibly popular functional mushrooms, Boom Chaga Laka Laka incorporates guarana, a natural source of caffeine, and 5-HTP for a quick boost of “feel good” energy! Customers may experience increased focus and improved mood after their first serving, but to maximize benefits, consistent use, over the period of 1 week to 10 days is advised. BOOM! Contains approximately 55mg of caffeine per serving.

Boom Chaga Laka Tape-1.png

May Support: 

Improved Mood, Energy and Wellbeing

Boom Chaga Roller Skating Woman.png
Boom Chaga Laka Laka - Product Photo.png
Boom Chaga - Outlined.png

Our Planet has provided us with an abundance of gifts. Our intention, at Steding & Sons, is to combine the best of these gifts and support our beautiful, imperfect community. We intend to provide the perfect supplements for imperfect people.

Siberian Steel - Words Black_edited.png

May Support: 

Increased Performance and Achievement

Siberian Steel Weightlifter.png
Siberian - Shilajit + Words.png
Siberian Steel is intended to support athletic and cognitive performance and achievement. Shilajit has been used for centuries and is popular among athletes and high achievers, developing a tremendous following in recent years. Maximize your potential - at work, at the gym and, of course, in the bedroom!
Star - Soviet Red.png

Customers may experience improvement in the first week or two, but continued use, for two weeks or more, is believed necessary to maximize potential.

Siberian Steel - Product Photo.png
Siberian Steel Tank Baller'.png

We are very proud to present the introductory line of Steding & Sons Allied Forces and hope you will love them as much as we do.

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Jumpkicker Ingredients White.png
Jumpkicker AAA Hard To Kick.png

Jumpkicker is intended to support mood, wellbeing and productivity. The ingredients may be interesting to consumers who have consumed other products for these effects and are now seeking an alternative. Jumpkicker is not psychoactive, but instead contains ingredients that may support the body’s natural functions. The ingredients contained are legal in all 50 states and throughout the world.  Jumpkicker is intended as a daytime supplement but does not contain caffeine or any stimulants.

Muy Flai.png
Jumpkicker - Product Photo.png

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our site. You can learn more about each product on the product page.

Lazy Legs Fly Ass Logo.png
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A REstful Break From Legs That Shake

Ashwagandha Extract - May reduce stress and anxiety

Valerian Root Extract - May improve stress management and naturally aid sleep

Reishi Mushroom Extract - May support mental relaxation

5-HTP - May support improved mood & stress management

Magnesium - May support restful sleep and reduce restlessness

GABA - May reduce anxiety and support a calm demeanor


May Support: 

Improved Rest and Decreased Desire to Toss and Turn

Lazy Legs PM - Product Photo.png
Yawning Lazy Legs.png
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