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If you're tying one on...

take NonAss along!


NonAss is intended to aid in recovery when consuming alcohol. While we don’t condone boozing your face off, we know that alcohol is very much a part of our culture and millions of Americans partake. NonAss may help minimize the price paid for a night on the town. If you’re tying one on, take NonAss along! Please drink responsibly. Product does not prevent alcohol intoxication. 

May Support: 
Reduced Misery The Day After Drinking Booze

consume non ass on the day you drink to feel better the next day!

Active Ingredients & Reported Benefits:

Vine Tea Extract (DHM) - May support liver function & alcohol metabolism
Milk Thistle Extract - May support detoxification
Reishi Mushroom Extract - May improve liver health
B-Vitamins - May support improved energy
Vitamin C - May support the immune system

Directions: Take 2 capsules, or 1 bottle, with 12 oz of water BEfore your first alcoholic beverage of the night. For added support, take another 2 capsules, with 12 oz of water, after your last alcoholic beverage. 

capsule Ingredients: Reishi Mushroom Extract,Dihydromyricetin (Vine Tea Extract,) Milk Thistle Extract, B-Vitamin Complex, Vitamin C, Sunflower Lecithin gelatin capsules

Liquid  Ingredients: Purified water, Reishi Mushroom Extract,Dihydromyricetin (Vine Tea Extract,) Lemon extract, citric acid, stevia extract, Milk Thistle Extract, B-Vitamin Complex, Vitamin C, Sunflower Lecithin gelatin capsules

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NonAss Liquid - Product Photo.png
NonAss Liquid Single.png

Available Sizes:

NonAss Capsules - 4 Capsule "to Go" Packs - 2 servings

NonAss Capsules - 50 Capsules - 1 month supply

NonAss Liquid - 1 oz single serve bottle

nonass liquid - Box of 12 1 oz single serve bottles

NonAss does not prevent alcohol intoxication. Please Drink Responsibly.

Nonass is one of many introductory products, from Steding & sons Allied Forces.

Allied Forces are potent combinations of the world’s best functional mushrooms, and other natural ingredients. Like a good team, synergistic components ally to produce results greater than the sum of parts included. Steding & Sons Allied Forces, like a great teammate, will help our consumers facilitate their own unique potential.

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