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Fortify Yourself!

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Siberian Steel is intended to support athletic and cognitive performance and achievement. Shilajit has been used in Ayurveda for centuries and is popular among athletes and high achievers, developing a tremendous following in recent years. Customers may experience improvement in the first week or two, but continued use, for two weeks or more, is believed necessary to maximize potential. Maximize your potential - at work, at the gym and, of course, in the bedroom! 

May Support:
Increased Performance and Achievement

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Active Ingredients & Reported Benefits:

Shilajit  - May support cognitive, sexual & exercise performance

Chaga mushroom extract - May support improved metabolism & endurance & reduce inflammatiON

Siberian STeel Capsules: 
50 Jumbo Capsule - Month’s Supply

Because shilajit must build in the system, a month of continuous use may be necessary to observe results

available Sizes

Siberian Steel capsule directions:

consume 5 capsules with 12 oz of water.

May prefer to consume with food

Ingredients: Siberian Shilajit POWDER, CHAGA MUSHROOM EXTRACT

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Siberian Steel is one of many introductory products, from Steding & sons Allied Forces.

Allied Forces are potent combinations of the world’s best functional mushrooms, and other natural ingredients. Like a good team, synergistic components ally to produce results greater than the sum of parts included. Steding & Sons Allied Forces, like a great teammate, will help our consumers facilitate their own unique potential.

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